About us

Firis SA is an engineering office in electronics and embedded computing.
We're specialized in connected devices, smart sensors networks, but also platforms for data processing.

Our core business is about helping clients in the deployment of sensors networks and data collection platforms for integration within business applications.


With skills like embeded software, electronics, low energy networks, micro data mining software development, Firis expertise is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of embeded systems.

Our work : design and build connected devices.

From design to production, we provide :

  • Device Concept & Prototyping
  • Electronics and Hardware development
  • Application development & Platform Integration for devices
  • Industrial Design    
  • Electronics Manufacturing & First Batch support    

Our Partners

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Skills and Tech areas

  • Low power radios (LoRa, Sigfox, BLE, Zigbee)
  • Micro controllers (ARM Cortex-M, ATMega)
  • Arduino, Embeded Linux, Mbed, RTOS
  • Embeded Graphical Interface (TouchGFX) 
  • Programming (C/C++, C#, Python, Javascript)    


Some of our references and projects.


FIRIS FS PRO is an all-in one, user-friendly, reliable and innovative firing system for pyrotechnical shows who can check, in real-time, the entire show’s installation and setting.

The Firis FS40 PRO module is durable, waterproof and is designed to be closer to the fireworks. It’s built to reduce human error, to avoid long and tedious assembly and to cut-down wires usage. This wireless system can also be wired connected in case wireless is not necessary.
By downloading scenarios scripts directly to each FS40 modules and with time code synchronisation, your firework is perfectly synced with any other sources (audio, lightning…). Each FS40 modules is equipped with a fast-removable, fast-chargeable non-flamable and non-explosive battery ensuring transport and storage safety. 


  • Easy to use installation helpers on modules
  • No more e-match splicing: designed to be as close as possible to the fireworks
  • No more cable: wireless solution
  • Software controlled time fuse
  • User friendly software on dedicated hardware


Use-cases, concepts and technolgies currently in reseach and development at Firis.


Initially designed for Escape Rooms, the Escape Bot system is software and hardware platform dedicated to room, stage or any entertainment activity automation.
With Escape Bot, scenarize your stage surroundings and bring interactivity to your puzzles ans mecanisms without technical knowledge !

Unleash your creativity :

  • sensors (light, proximity, force...)
  • inputs (light switch, touch buttons...)
  • actuators (relay, motor, dimmer, magnet...)

Program your Puzzles / ON STAGE LOGICS with EASE

With a simple programming blocks, unleash your creativity and bring more interactivity to your puzzles and mecanisms.
Each input devices can react to physical events and control actionable devices (lights, sounds, mecanisms...)

Simplified deployment

Position your devices directly on your floor / stage plans !
Our software can generate maps and devices setup listings for easier installation and an error free setup.

Too much power wires to pull ?
Each Escape Bot's compatible devices are powered and controlled via a standard network connector (RJ45).


Place your devices on a virtual dashboard, monitor, and override your controls in real time !

Our software is helping you to build a pratical dashboard for your team by showing each devices status and control overrides. Your team can monitor and control your customers experience with ease !

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