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Years of research and trainings allow us to produce multiple type of outputs depending on your business needs.

The FIRIS adventure started on September 2nd 2011, when Nicolas and Marc, two serial entrepreneurs, decided to create FIRIS SA, an engineering office with a wide range of expertise in surveying and embedded computing solutions.

Our mantra is to enable our customers to optimize and accelerate processes concerning the maintenance of infrastructure operations and logistics. We have been evolving in different sectors from pyrotechnic management and automation to augmented visualization with several applications in worker safety around the connected industry and geospatial acquisition and processing.

To move into the core business geospatial scanning with drones and rolling stock 100% autonomous to allow the automated acquisition of confined spaces, we are constantly seeking new challenges so that we can continue providing our clients with innovative solutions that enhance their processes.

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Profil's Picture of  nicolas vandamne - ceo & co-founder
CEO & Co-Founder
Nicolas Vandamme

Coming from technical and managerial training (engineer level, master's degree in multimedia project management with 3D option & software architect, International Institute of Multimedia at Pôle Léonard De Vinci in Paris). With two entrepreneurial experiences, Nicolas is the co-founder of Firis SA, specializing in industrial IoT.

Behind various computer and electronic systems within Firis, he explores and identifies new technologies combining electronics for geospatial data processing and 3D visualization

In addition to day-to-day management, he plays the role of CTO.

Profil's Picture of marc-vignoli-project-manager
Project Manager
Marc Vignoli

Coming from an electrical engineering sector and with previous entrepreneurial experience, he co-founded Firis SA in 2015, and fulfills the role of project manager coupled with skills in mechatronics.

Passionate about Industry 4.0, he designs and pilots the Firis solution for large companies, SMEs, and start-ups in the Benelux region and France.  After managing several IoT, VR and AR projects and managing teams using the AGILE method, Marc now supports clients in the structuring, management and efficiency of their solutions.

Trainer and speaker, he combines the theories of AGILE project management with his daily field experience feedback.

Profil's Picture of christophe antoine - business developer
Business Developer
Christophe Antoine

A result driven and motivated SME Accountant and Financial Professional with broad ranging IT support experience and robust understanding of IT and technical infrastructure environment.

17 years of accounting, financial and business administration experience.

Exploring new opportunities, facing the challenges of a continuous changing business world and pursue a professional career that allows for progress in terms of expertise and innovation through exposure to new ideas for professional growth as well as growth of the company.


Profil's Picture of dr-bruno-theret
Bruno Theret
ArcelorMittal Board Advisor
Profil's Picture of etienne-schneider
Etienne Schneider
Ex Ministry Of Finance Luxembourg
Profil's Picture of dr-tantar-alexandru-adrian
Dr. TANTAR Alexandru-Adrian
Trustworthy AI GROUP Leader from Luxembourg Institute Of Science and Technology
Profil's Picture of Dr-benoit-jacques
Dr. Benoit Jaques
Head of Responsable Data Science & Analytics Unit from Luxembourg Institute Of Science and Technology
Profil's Picture of dr-miguel-a-olivares-mendez
Dr. Miguel A. Olivares-Mendez
Head of the Space Robotic Research Group From Luxembourg University SnT

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