Asset performance
Through sustaining solutions

Firis values

We believe in the unlimited potential of technological solutions that give employees personal responsibility to be able to redesign and revolutionize companies.

Together with our customers, we develop innovative and at the same time most reliable solutions for industrial usages, with which each individual - but also teams and entire companies - can create outstanding things.

The digital transformation empowers people to make their company sustainable and future-oriented.

The digital transformation empowers people to make their company sustainable and future-oriented.

Collect, manage and contextualise data, create reliable and meaningful information and generate knowledge.

FIRIS, your best partner in data-driven optimization of your production processes.

A successful plan must take people, processes, and assets into account Here are the 5 steps plan for your operational excellence.

The main axes of Firis expertise

In the era of Industry 4.0, industrial connected objects (I-IoT or IoT) allow machines to be interconnected (multisector) and share data (securely) in order to improve work practices, business processes and thus given new perspectives in the way of doing things.

Training & Simulation

Anticipate accessibility, ergonomics, and maintainability of production lines.

Industry 4.0 - Operational performance

Interconnection of all instances of your production chain


Bespoke IoT systems

Visualisation & Control

Enhance your working environment with Augmented Reality by displaying in real-time appropriate and useful information on key elements

Firis, your best partner if you are seeking for :

> High operational efficiency by optimizing existing processes

> High productivity by providing feedback on the information

> Best customer experience

> Reduce waste (better management of stocks and needs)

> Design new models of productivity and business with our analysis tool PICC Solution

Smart Building

I-IoT technology can simplify and make building management more secure.

Several types of composite sensors (temperature, humidity, solar exposure, etc.) integrated into the structure of buildings, allow intelligent monitoring of the use and wear of materials, energy, and comfort levels. This allows building managers as well as users to improve their working and living environments.


The industry in which most of the I-IoT technology is currently implemented.

Compatible machines can proactively react and predict, even automatically resolve potential problems, which means less downtime and greater overall efficiency.

Logistics and Transportation

With sensor-managed inventory, I-IoT technology can place orders for supplies in anticipation of being out of stock.

This reduces the number of wasted products by keeping the necessary goods in stock and reducing the workload of employees, who can thus concentrate on higher value-added tasks.

Digital Mapping

Firis offers you the very latest in digital scanning technologies.

Through Lidar scanning technology we can examine the surface of the earth, assess information about the ground surface, or detail a range of geospatial information.  By being equipped with the best scanning technology, we offer you the most accurate statements.



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