Firis System

Robot assisted

3D Mapping Service

From 3D Scan to 3D reconstruction, either outdoor, confined, or subterranean spaces, we provide precise "As Built" models from real sites and assets

Robotic assisted 3D scan
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Drone 3D scan in tunnel
Robotic assisted

3D Reconstruction

LiDAR Technology

LiDAR (Lidar) is an engineering technology that calculates distances and light intensity of objects to create detailed 3D maps of the surrounding environment.






Professional services to

get the best data


Acquisition planning

Operational and administrative acquisition constraints planning and assistance


Robotic platform

Selection, planning and configuration of UAVs and UGVs for an optimal supervised mission


Geospatial processing

Specialized file format generation and integration of specific technical measures matching our clients' core business

Our advanced technology allows us to produce multiple type of outputs depending on your business needs.
  • Scan only point cloud with denoising
  • Processed point cloud cleaning, simplification, segmentation and object classification
  • Vectorization 2D vector plans, 3D CAD models
  • Technical annotations and measurements extraction azimuths, angular orientation, estimation of overall masses and volumes, counting and inventory
  • Maps georeferenced projected maps, vectorized or rastererized, for integration in GIS softwares (QGIS, ArcGIS) or mapping platforms (Google maps, Géoportail)


GIS Maps reconstruction
Georeferenced Maps
2D/3D CAD or 3D models reconstruction
2D/3D CAD models
Technical annotations & measurements
Technical annotations
Telecom antenna's on pylons
Orange LU

Antennas plans with 3D scan

Orange Telecom Luxembourg

Thanks to our LiDAR equipped drones, Orange has gained 40% return on investments from the creation and updates of antenna-related plans



750 M3

in 20 minutes



for several industries

50% increase in operational efficiency (time saved on safety, coordination, acquisition time).
Industrial wasteland

Industrial wasteland

Our scanning processes can leverage large surface acquistion in short time. For deconstruction projects, 3D scaning, object and material calssification ensure a better inventory, bringing a better valuation and recyclability of all existing resources on site.

Site supervision

Construction supervision

Operate construction site smoothly with precise "As Built" 3D scans on hands and at each steps ensuring the quality delivered by contractors.
Scans assembly along the project provides accurates "As Built" 3D plans, inculding in-wall assets (power, water, heat networks).

Restricted areas

Restricted areas

Restricted, confined, inaccessible spaces or even underground, our robots can scan places that men would not be able to go.
Either for inspection or mainteance, 3D scans helps to identify and locate assets wear, defect within these restrictied places.

Cetifications & Know-How

We are certified for

for better services

Drone pilot
Fly commercial licence for Open A1/A2/A3 & standards scenarios, from smaller drones to several kilograms payload equipped drones.
European Aviation Safety AgencyDirection de l'aviation Civile - Grand Duché de Luxembourg
Process management
Operational process management methodology: Lean Six Sigma (LSS), a management method that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial processes
Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification
Private reaseach lab
State approval for research in the private sector, allowing Firis to pool from various private and public research institutions for client's R&D projects, helping with our core expertises in embeded electronics, Industrial IoT, robotics and 3D visualization.
Research Luxembourg Certification
Risk management
From human safety on site to operational safety involving UAV & UGV, we provide analysis based on SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment), accident prevention methods and tools: Methods and means to integrate the safety of people and machines at the forefront of each client mission.
DroneCollaborationLabRisk management